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Some stories blur the lines between science, spirituality and the supernatural. These stories are from “The Other Side.”

Where do coincidences come from?
Synchronicity is familiar to many people, yet few understand how it works. Are our lives are shaped by unseen hands? Or are we victims of psychological narcissm?

Beyond Goodbye
Some people not only share their life but their moment of death with loved ones. Are these “shared-death experiences” real or a mirage?

Why Bigfoot is getting nervous
Monster stories have been around for millennia. Now hunters are hot on the trail, armed with cameras, drones and night-vision goggles. Can they catch one?

Ghost hunters haunted by competition
We’ve heard of ghosts that harass the living. Now people are starting to harass the ghosts. Across America, teams are creeping through people’s homes, trying to get rid of their paranormal pests.

Heaven popular, except with the church
Popular culture is filled with accounts from people who claim to have near-death experiences. So why doesn’t the church talk about heaven anymore?

Bidding farewell from beyond the grave?
Although visits by the spirits of the recently departed can be chilling, they are also comforting, say those who’ve seen these “crisis apparitions.” Can bonds between loved ones defy death?