Man Hospitalized After Drinking Vodka Soaked In the World’s Hottest Chili Pepper


Ben Sumadiwiria, a chef from London, recently ate noodles that were 4,000 times stronger than Tobasco sauce at a small restaurant in Indonesia, the Mirror UK reported. The “death noodles” contained 100 crushed bird’s eyes chilies.

The result? Sumadiwiria says he temporarily lost his hearing for a few minutes. He was soaked in sweat, felt dizzy, puked, and eventually had to take his clothes off and soak his head in water to cool down.

“My lips were burning and I couldn’t feel anything,” Sumadiwiria said. “I’ve eaten wasabi and plenty of other hot food, and I’d take that any day over those noodles.” Watch the full video of his experience here.

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